Euphoria Spa also known as “Euphoria Wellness Spa or Euphoria Spa & Salon”. Established in April 2016 in SDA Market. Luxury should not always be high-priced. We aim to strike a balance in cost and quality.

luxury couple spa in Green Park

Luxury Couple Spa in green Park

Luxury Couple Spa in green Park

Euphoria Spa has been perfecting romance and relaxation for years! We are well known for our special couple jacuzzi spa in Green Park. We specialize in making anniversaries, birthdays, ladies night out, bachelorette parties, the ultimate in comfort,  relaxation, and romance!  Couples and small parties seeking a relaxing or romantic weekend will be treated to luxury.

This expansive, meticulously detailed suite has vaulted ceilings,  warm inviting fireplaces, large whirlpool tub, and two-person walk-in showers complete with body massaging jets.

Luxury Couple Spa in green Park​

Need more reasons for us to bring you to Bliss begin your experience with simultaneous couples warm luxury massages in a candle-lit suite. Continue the romance and slide into the large two-person whirlpool bath with in ’spa’ ration aromatherapy packets. Can you imagine anything more relaxing? Well our Luxury Jacuzzi Couple Spa and Pool Suite include all our amenities plus your own private, immaculate 92 degree heated swimming pool and sauna. Experience the pleasure of lounging in your own pool, and deciding if and when someone gets splashed!

From your arrival to your departure, every detail is accounted for to create a romantic  personalized getaway close to home. With Euphoria Spa you will enjoy your anniversary and special dates.